rapid release

For many years I have studied soft tissue techniques – – that is, techniques to help problems with muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia. I spent lots of time and quite a bit of money studying Bowen technique, Trigenics, PIR, Nimmo trigger point technique, and others. I don’t use any of them anymore.

The reason is that Rapid Release Therapy is the fastest, longest lasting, and most effective soft tissue technique that I have ever found. It’s easy for me to use and it produces immediate results – – that only get better with each successive treatment.

Using the Rapid Release, I have high success treating difficult conditions like chronic headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, frozen shoulder, and sciatica, as well as neck pain, upper back pain, and low back pain.


How does Rapid Release achieve these remarkable results? The secret is High-Speed Vibration Therapy. Rapid Release Therapy produces a unique acoustic wave, which penetrates deeply into your body. This deep vibration passes through normal tissue, but when it comes to spasms or adhesions it gently and comfortably dissolves them, breaks them, shears them, and relaxes them. The sensation you feel is soothing relief, and pain melts away. Each treatment builds on the last, and chronic muscle spasms that have lasted for years can be dissolved in several sessions.

In very difficult cases I will add another technique – Graston technique. This westernized form of an ancient Chinese technique uses stainless steel or aluminum instruments to break up deep, stubborn, knots and adhesions.

If Rapid Release Therapy and Graston were the only treatments that I offered in my clinic, I would probably have a busy practice. But I would not be helping you as completely as I can and should. This is because I need to ask the question and be able to answer it, “WHY do you have this muscle spasm and WHY is it right here?” If I can’t answer that question, then I am only treating the symptom and not addressing the cause of your problem.

So what is the cause? To make a long story short, your body has become distorted. To correct the cause of your pain I need to straighten your spine, and balance and align your body. To do that I need to treat you with Advanced Bio Structural Correction (ABC). The combination of Rapid Release and ABC is extremely effective for difficult conditions.