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it’s EASY to fix low back pain and sciatica!

If you are a low back pain or sciatica sufferer, you’ve probably tried all the usual treatments: rest, ice or heat, over the counter meds, stretching, physical therapy, muscle relaxers, pain killers, even nerve blocks. But you haven’t had much success, right? That’s because none of these methods is treating the source of the problem – they are only masking the symptoms. The underlying, core problem never really goes away or gets healed.

But knowledge is always expanding – in every field. Look at how much your phone has changed in the last twenty years. Just like that, new health discoveries are being made constantly. My constant quest is to research and find the very most effective new treatments available. Now there are three new treatments that, for most people, can easily heal low back pain and sciatica so that it will not come back.

breaking up spasms, scar tissue, and adhesions

The human body is not simple, and it is rarely easy to figure out the precise cause of back pain or sciatica, because there are usually many causes acting together. My approach is to identify and treat as many of these causes as possible. The first cause I look at is muscle spasm, which is often very painful when it’s acute. But if it becomes chronic, a spasm can turn into a semi-permanent muscle knot as hard and gristly as scar tissue. The pain from this knotty spasm be exhausting, causing you constant, unrelenting pain.

Fortunately there’s a new instrument that can dissolve muscle spasms, knots, adhesions, and scar tissue. It’s called the Rapid Release Technology, or RRT. The inventors determined that very high speed vibration would pass through normal tissue, but resonate with scar tissue to shear it and break it up. The RRT is the only instrument to provide this High Speed Vibration Therapy. I use a pair of these instruments together, so that the two waves of vibration join to form one stronger, more powerful wave. Two RRT instruments together can relax a chronic muscle spasm very quickly, often in just a few minutes, and the results are long lasting and get progressively better.

The RRT is especially valuable for people with sciatica, because many cases of sciatica are caused by muscle spasms in the glutes that press into and compress the sciatic nerve, causing pain that runs down the back of the leg. But we need to ask a crucial question – why are those sciatic or low back muscle spasms there, and how do we keep them from returning?

the underlying cause of low back pain

There is one basic cause for all muscle spasms – your body, or more specifically your spine, has become warped and distorted so that the muscles must pull to keep it upright. Bones have been pushed out of place in your spine because of the traumas of life – such as the major trauma of a car or sports accident, the mini-trauma of a slip and fall, or the micro-trauma of sitting in a bad computer chair every day. Your body can correct some of this distortion, because there are muscles that can pull some of the out-of-place bones back into the right position. But when a vertebra in your spine gets pushed forward, toward the front of your body, there are no muscles behind it that can possibly pull it backwards again. No amount of exercise, or physical therapy, or traditional chiropractic, or any other kind of body work, can systematically move these forward bones back into position so that the distortion is corrected.

But there is a new way to correct these forward vertebrae and treat this spinal distortion. This breakthrough treatment is more effective at treating back pain and sciatica than any other method I have ever used. It is called Advanced Biostructural CorrectionTM, or ABC. ABC will balance and align your body immediately and easily – in a way that no other system of body work knows how to do (very much including “regular” chiropractic). From the very first ABC treatment you will stand straighter and taller, breathe more fully and deeply, move more effortlessly, and experience far less pain everywhere in your body. These often amazing results occur because your body is no longer so distorted. It is functioning much more like the way that it was designed to function – the way it functioned when you were years younger.

ABC consists of a way to find the spinal bones that are stuck forward and a way to free them up and move them back. It’s comfortable, and again, easy. It is mostly done standing, with your back to a wall. Using the ABC system, I find a vertebra that is forward, then I stand in front of you and put my hand behind your back – on the vertebra below the one I want to move. You cross your arms, bend forward, and I you give a gentle squeeze or push. Because I’m blocking the lower vertebra with my hand, the upper vertebra, which is the one that is forward, will slide back into its proper place. Sometimes you’ll feel a pop or click, sometimes not, depending on the position of the vertebra and how far it is able to move at that time.

After the treatment, you will have less pain because we have straightened, aligned, and balanced your body. It’s similar to what happens when the frame of your car is bent and your mechanic fixes it. When the frame was bent, your door didn’t close right, the trunk didn’t close right, and the whole car squeaked and rattled. To fix it, it doesn’t make sense for your mechanic to oil the hinges or try to force the trunk to close – he just straightens the frame and now automatically the door closes, the trunk closes, all the squeaks and rattles disappear and the car drives straight and true.

Each ABC treatment removes a layer of trauma from your body, and we work through the layers like peeling back the layers of an onion. Your body becomes gradually stronger, more stable, more balanced – until the day comes when you need only occasional “tune-up” treatments. Results can be measured and photographed. Look at the many pictures and videos on the ABC website, at www.ABCMiracles.com.

healing injured discs with laser light

ABC works remarkably well on most causes of low back pain and sciatica. But sometimes there are more severe injuries – such as herniated discs – that need an extra healing boost. I’m proud to offer the Cutting Edge MLS Laser – one of the most powerful medical therapeutic lasers in the area. Used internationally by orthopedic surgeons, pain management M.D.s, podiatrists, and chiropractors, the new Cutting Edge Laser is remarkably powerful and effective, helping to heal a wide range of painful conditions. It’s also very safe, with no side effects. As a matter of fact, you don’t even feel it when it’s on – but after the first treatment you will typically experience about a 40-50% reduction in pain.

The Cutting Edge Laser works by stimulating the injured cells to heal themselves. Energized by the deeply penetrating laser light, the mitochondria in the cells produce more ATP, which is the energy providing substance in the cell. The cells use this new boost of ATP energy to repair themselves and restore their normal processes, and the cycle of chronic pain and inflammation is broken. Laser therapy has been demonstrated to help regenerate bone, blood, the lining of blood vessels, cartilage, nerves, and muscles. The combination of ABC and the Cutting Edge Laser works very effectively on herniated discs, chronic sciatic pain, and even the difficult conditions of osteoarthritis, stenosis, and other causes of severe back pain.

what is the best treatment for you?

Which of these powerful treatments is the best for you? Come in for a treatment, and I will do a thorough history and exam and give you my best recommendation. Or, I am happy to offer a free consultation with no obligation, no pressure, and no forced long term care programs. I became a chiropractor to help people in the very best ways I could, and I love my work. It is so satisfying and rewarding to see people blossom and get their lives back after years of chronic pain. I am looking forward to meeting and helping you.