herniated discs

how can I HEAL my herniated disc?

You had a major car accident, or a severe skiing crash, or a bike accident, or you lifted something large and heavy in the wrong way at work. Maybe you played football or soccer in college, then you were in the military, carrying heavy backpacks. Now your back (or neck) hurts all the time. You have stabbing pain in your low back (or neck), shooting pain radiating down your legs (or arms), along with weird numbness and tingling. It’s hard to do your work, to exercise or even go for a walk – and you haven’t had a good night’s sleep in many moons.

You probably have an MRI that shows you have one or more disc bulges or herniated discs. What has happened to your body? The discs are pads that act as cushions between the vertebrae, or bones, of the spine. Each disc is designed something like a jelly donut. As the disc degenerates from age or injury, the softer central portion can rupture through the surrounding firmer outer ring, called the annulus fibrosis. This abnormal rupture of the central portion of the disc is called a disc herniation. A herniated disk can inflame, or put pressure on, nearby nerves and result in severe pain, numbness or weakness in an arm or leg.

You’ve been to the “regular” chiropractor for two or three months, but the pain didn’t get much better, or, it came right back. You had your 12 visits of physical therapy and that only helped a little. You don’t want to take the opioid pain drugs and get dependent on them, you’d rather not have the steroid injections, and you certainly want to avoid surgery if at all possible.

Few people look forward to surgery, even if it’s the newer, less invasive type such as a microdiscectomy. There is always some recovery time before you’re back on your feet again, and that means weeks lost from work. Then there are the unpleasant risks of complications from the surgery – or the possibility that the surgery may not reduce your pain.

Now there’s another, better alternative: two powerful new technologies that, in most cases, can actually HEAL your injured discs, and all the rest of your body as well! These new technologies are extremely effective, painless, virtually risk-free, don’t require surgery, and usually keep you working without missing a day.

a new way to heal the discs (and body)

Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC) is based on the idea that the stresses and trauma of life distort your body, and your body cannot correct that warping or distortion. This causes you chronic pain, because the muscles, tendons, ligaments and even the discs are twisting and pulling to try to fix you.

Why can’t your distorted body fix itself? After all, it can heal a cut on your hand, a broken bone, or a sore throat. The reason is that there are no muscles pulling in the direction that is necessary to fix the distortion. You see, there are layers of muscles all up and down your spine, attached to your vertebrae (the bones in your spine). If you have some kind of trauma or fall, and a vertebra, or bone, gets moved or pushed to the right, there are muscles on the left of the spine that can pull that misplaced vertebra back to center.

But if a vertebra gets pushed forward – towards the front of your body – there are no muscles with the position, strength, and leverage directly behind it that can pull it backwards. Feel a bone in your upper back. You will feel only skin or a thin layer of tissue behind it. And even if there were a large, powerful muscle behind that vertebra, it would have to be attached to the wall behind you to be able to pull the vertebra back into position.

So your body cannot correct vertebrae that are pushed forward. This explains why we notice everyone getting more and more stooped or pushed forward as they get older. But even teenagers have this problem, particularly if they are involved in active sports such as skateboarding, snowboarding, or football where they fall or smash their spine a lot. (We also see this forward posture from teenagers who sit slumped over all day on their phones or computers!)

Advanced Biostructural Correction, or ABC, is the only system of physical medicine that systematically finds the specific vertebrae that have been pushed forward – and easily, comfortably pushes them backwards to correct them. This produces immediate effects – your posture is much better, you stand straighter and taller than you have in years, you breathe more deeply and easily, you move in a more balanced and fluid way, and pain all over your body is much less, or even gone.

reduce disc pain 50% in minutes

If you have a herniated disc, you’ll most likely feel 50-70% better right after your first ABC treatment. Part of the reason for this is that the entire alignment and balance of your body has been corrected. Your spine and body are no longer as twisted, warped and distorted. Even if you are not conscious of that distortion, when it is corrected you’ll feel a lot better and more pain-free.

There’s another reason why virtually everyone feels immediate relief from herniated disc pain after their first ABC treatment. And this reason explains a mystery about herniated discs – why do studies show that up to 60% of middle-aged people have bulging or herniated discs with NO symptoms?

Your spinal cord runs from your brain, down inside your vertebrae, to the bottom part of your spine. The nerves extend out from this cord, to all the parts of your body. Imagine that this spinal cord is stretched tight, like a taut rubber band. Now imagine that a bulging or herniated disc is pressing out into this tightly stretched cord. It’s easy to see that the result would be pain – with nerve compression and stretching, causing numbness and tingling into the legs.

Now imagine that the spinal cord is loose, like a floppy rubber band. Can you see how that same bulging disc now would NOT irritate the spinal cord and nerves? A very important part of the ABC treatment is a special kind of stretch to the head and neck that frees up and loosens the spinal cord, reducing the tension on it. This helps bring some of the remarkable results that I see in my office.

relax your spasmed back

Even if an MRI shows that you have herniated discs, tight spasmed muscles in your low back and gluts are usually causing a significant part of your pain. I will do orthopedic tests to determine how much of your pain is coming from inside your spine (the discs) and how much from outside the spine (the muscles). If the muscles are involved (and they almost always are) I will treat you with the most powerful muscle treatment I have been able to find – the Rapid Release instrument. This unique instrument creates a soothing wave of high-speed vibration that dissolves muscle spasms, scar tissue, and adhesions. I use these instruments in pairs to double the effect. Using the Rapid Release to relax chronically tight muscles together with ABC to correct body distortion is an extremely effective, synergistic combination.

for severe cases – a high-powered medical
healing laser

Even though ABC and the Rapid Release instruments are wonderfully effective for herniated discs (and almost every kind of chronic pain that is not caused by a disease in the organs or cancer), there are still cases when you might need an extra boost. That’s when I bring in my “big gun.” This is the second major new healing technology I provide. I am excited to offer treatments with the Cutting Edge MLS Laser – the most powerful medical therapeutic laser in Vacaville. This laser is a healing laser, very different from a surgical laser – it is extremely safe, has no known side effects, and is used by orthopedic doctors, pain management doctors, and podiatrists. You feel nothing at all when the Cutting Edge laser is on – there is no heat or any other sensation. But it is an extremely powerful Class IV laser. Three pairs of lasers – six lasers in all – are synchronized by microprocessor control to deliver many times more healing energy than the most powerful devices of the previous generation of Class III lasers. The Cutting Edge MLS Laser activates the mitochondria to produce more ATP, which speeds up the cellular healing process – leading to immediate pain relief, decreased inflammation, and rapid regeneration and repair of damaged tissue. Studies show that a bulging disc will actually shrink and retract over time.

If you know someone who is suffering with a herniated disc, please give them this article. I am very happy to give them a free consultation to look at their MRIs, evaluate their case, and determine if I can help them. I estimate that my success rate with disc herniations is well over 90%.