chronic pain

four new ways to heal chronic pain

How long have you had that aching back, that painful sciatica, that stabbing pain in your neck, that throbbing headache? Months, years? Then it’s time to wake up! Your medical treatments, physical therapy, or chiropractor aren’t really helping you. It’s time to try something new and better.

According to a recent report from the Institute of Medicine, at least 100 million adult Americans had common chronic pain conditions, costing us at least $560-$635 billion every year. The most common conditions were: low back pain, knee pain, severe headache or migraine, neck pain, shoulder pain, finger pain, and hip pain.

You don’t need to keep on suffering! These are all conditions I treat successfully in my clinic without opiod pain medications – which can be habituating (requiring you to use a stronger and stronger dose to get the same effects), ultimately addicting, and very destructive to your liver and other organs. I get results that are often remarkable because I use four new, very powerful technologies that work together to create a synergistic effect.

healing injured tissue with
extra-powerful laser therapy

The first new technology is the Cutting Edge MLS therapeutic laser – one of the most powerful therapeutic lasers in Solano County. This technologically advanced Class IV laser is capable of delivering many times more healing energy than the previous generation of Class III ‘Cold Lasers’. The Cutting Edge laser actually uses six lasers at the same time to deliver a optimal dose of laser energy. More power means the ability to treat very difficult conditions – with shorter treatment times, fewer treatments needed, immediate pain relief, and faster healing.

The laser actually repairs damaged tissue at the level of the cells. Cells can become too injured to repair themselves, often leading to chronic pain. When this happens, the cells become dormant. The membrane around the cell becomes less permeable, so the nutrients cannot get in and the waste products cannot get out. The Cutting Edge Laser sends billions of photons of light very deeply into the injured tissue. This starts the production of ATP (adenosine-tri-phosphate), which is the major carrier of cell energy and the energy source for all chemical reactions in the cells. This newly produced ATP causes the cell membrane to become permeable again, and the cell can take in nutrients faster and get rid of waste products. Cell reproduction and growth speeds up and the tissues heal.

Because the Cutting Edge Laser stimulates healing of the cells – at the most basic level of the body – it can be used to treat an astonishingly large range of conditions, including herniated discs, sciatica, neuropathy, arthritis, sports injuries, tendonitis, plantar fascitis, gout, carpal tunnel, shingles, post surgical pain, and many other painful problems. It is now used by hundreds of orthopedic physicians, pain management M.D.s, podiatrists, chiropractors – even veterinarians.

breaking up spasms, scar tissue, and adhesions

The human body is not simple, and it is rarely easy to figure out the precise cause of chronic pain because there are usually many causes acting together. My approach is to identify and treat as many of these causes as possible. One important cause that I look at is muscle spasm, which is often very painful when it’s acute. But when it becomes chronic, a spasm can turn into a semi-permanent muscle knot as hard and gristly as scar tissue. The pain from this knotted spasm can drain your energy and wear you down.

Fortunately there’s a new instrument that can dissolve muscle spasms, knots, adhesions, and scar tissue. It’s called the Rapid Release Technology, or RRT. The inventors discovered that very high speed vibration would pass through normal tissue but resonate with scar tissue to shear it and break it up. The RRT is the only instrument to provide this High Speed Vibration Therapy, and I’ve found that it reduces muscle spasms and pain both immediately – and progressively, over time. But we need to ask a crucial question – why are those muscle spasms there, and how do we keep them from returning?

reversing the cause of muscle
spasms by correcting the body

There is one basic cause for all muscle spasms. Your body, or more specifically your spine, has become warped and distorted so that the muscles must pull to keep it upright. Bones have been pushed out of place in your spine because of the traumas of life – such as the major trauma of a car or sports accident, the mini-trauma of a slip and fall, or the micro-trauma of sitting in a bad computer chair every day. The third special technology that I use in my clinic is called Advanced Biostructural Correction, or ABC. This is the most effective and powerful system of body work I know of. It is many times more effective for permanently reducing pain than traditional chiropractic. From the very first treatment it will correct your spine so that you are standing up straighter and taller than you have been in years. Regular chiropractic will not correct your body in this way at all. By balancing and aligning your entire body, ABC relaxes strained, spasmed muscles everywhere in your body – your back, neck, knees – and pain melts away. You will breathe more deeply, your shoulders will no longer be slumped forward, and you will feel a sense of ease and flow as you move and walk.

Over time, ABC will bring your spine much closer to its normal structure and shape – how it was years ago, before you experienced all the shocks and blows of life. All of these major and minor traumas knock the spine out of place in ways that the body can’t correct.

You see, if the vertebrae (bones in your spine) get pushed forward, toward the front of your body, your body has no way of fixing them. That’s because there are no muscles directly behind the vertebrae that can pull the vertebrae straight back. There are muscles that can pull vertebrae back to the center when they’re rotated over to one side, but no muscles that can pull vertebrae straight back. So vertebrae that get pushed forward, stay forward – and your body gets pushed more and more forward the older that you get.

This is a major reason why older people are stooped and slouching, with poor posture. This is not their fault – it’s not that they are lazy or they just need to “stand up straighter.” They can’t help it. Their spine has been pushed into that unnatural shape. And this forward leaning posture leads to many very painful chronic health problems – chronic neck pain, back pain, knee pain, ankle pain, poor balance and coordination.

In an ABC treatment, I use a special testing technique to check every single vertebra and see if it is pushed forward. I then have you stand with your back to the wall, put my hand behind you, and push the vertebra back. It’s comfortable and feels good. We check your levels of pain, posture, breathing and movement before and after the adjustment. Everyone feels a noticeable (and often dramatic) improvement.

After one treatment, people are usually standing taller and straighter than they have in years. This is not subjective or an opinion. Other people in the room will see it too, and it can be measured and photographed. In fact, ABC does more than just straighten the spine. It will literally unwind years of stress and trauma from the spine. That’s why ABC is the most powerful technology I have seen for the treatment of the common causes of chronic pain. Alignment improves function. This is true for your car, and for every living and mechanical system, including your unbalanced and aching body.

This is how ABC improves all of your functioning. You will breathe deeper, be more balanced, more fluid, more coordinated, play sports better, be more graceful (if that’s your goal!), and have less pain and illness.

healing headaches and brain
problems by correcting cranial bones

For the last three years I have seen often amazing results treating headaches and other brain conditions in my clinic using Turner Cranial Technique, Dr. Roger Turner’s revolutionary system of correcting the cranial bones. Dr. Turner, a Toronto chiropractor, has developed the most powerful and effective method of improving, optimizing, and healing brain function that has ever been devised.

His system is based on the understanding that the bones or parts of the skull can get pushed out of place by trauma – either during a difficult birth process, or later in life — through a fall, sports accident, car accident, or military combat. When the bones are pushed out of place even a tiny amount, they will cause compression on the brain, which creates an impairment or deficit of the function located in that area of the brain. This can cause problems in any brain function: headaches, concentration, anxiety, depression, insomnia, dizziness, memory, learning disabilities, speech problems, autistic behaviors, even Alzheimer’s – really anything that the brain controls.

Not only that, but out-of-place cranial bones also compress the critical space between the skull and the brain. This is called the subarachnoid space, and it is full of blood vessels, which bring nutrition to the brain and remove toxins. This important space also contains the cerebrospinal fluid and the lymphatic vessels, both of which also bring nutrition to the brain and take away toxins. When this subarachnoid space is compressed, nutrition can’t get in and toxins can’t get out, so the brain is not able to heal itself. This explains “post concussion syndrome,” in which concussion symptoms can last for years after a concussion and change a person’s personality, seemingly permanently.

Dr. Turner made the major discovery of how to feel the bones in the skull to determine which way they have moved out of place – and then how to apply the correct pressure in the exact direction to move the bones comfortably back into place. This correction produces immediate results. Most people feel instantly calmer, more relaxed, and more clear. Whatever their brain complaint was, it will feel better. Then a continued series of treatments is required to stabilize the results, because the bones tend to move back into their previous position. The longer the problem has been there and the more serious it is, the more treatments are needed, but usually about 12-15 treatments are enough to make a major and lasting improvement.

The Turner Cranial Technique works together with ABC, the Rapid Release, and The Cutting Edge MLS laser to create a synergistic and truly effective way to conquer many types of chronic pain – and allow you to live a happier, fuller life, able to do the things you love and want to do.

I am happy to give you a free (and pressure-free!) consultation to see if these powerful treatments would be right for you. I am looking forward to having the privilege of helping you!