carpal tunnel

I have seen some successful carpal tunnel surgeries – and many that have failed.


The reason is simple.

The nerve bundle that goes into the hand and wrist starts in the neck, travels under the collarbone, goes all the way down the upper arm and into the lower arm, wrist, and hand.

Those nerves can be compressed by tight or overstressed muscles anywhere along that path – not just at the carpal tunnel/wrist area where the surgery typically takes place. I usually find pain and nerve compression in several places along that path – and all of those places need to be treated for you to feel relief.

The fastest, most effective treatment I’ve found is an extraordinary instrument called the Rapid Release. It uses high-speed vibration at just the correct frequency to dissolve spasms and adhesions in sore, tight muscles. Pain and numbness melt away, and feeling returns – usually after only a few minutes of treatment.

Of course, if the condition is chronic, it may take a series of Rapid Release treatments to get long-lasting relief. As well as that, it is most often necessary to also correct the spine (particularly in the neck) and the overall posture of the whole body. That’s because slumped posture and pinched nerves in the neck can cause carpal tunnel nerve pressure or make it a lot worse.

For correcting posture and the structure of the spine, I have found nothing more effective than Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC). I am the only doctor in the area to offer, and be certified in, this unique technique.