car accidents

advanced training in car accidents – for a faster, fuller recovery

An car accident injury can be a lot more serious than you realize. The immediate pain may go away within a few weeks. But if the damage to the spine is not fully reversed, it will remain – and affect you years later, causing spinal and postural distortion, chronic pain, and possibly advanced arthritis.

In my clinical experience, “regular” chiropractic will not systematically find and repair this damage. Traditional chiropractic focuses on restoring movement when a joint is restricted. But the real problem caused by a auto accident is that the whiplash has pushed vertebrae forward – towards the front of your body.

Regular chiropractic can’t evaluate and correct these injuries, and your body can’t fix them by itself – because there are no muscles directly behind the vertebrae that can pull them back once they have been pushed forward.

reversing the damage to the spine

The only truly effective method that I’ve found to correct these vertebrae – and really fix your body – is a revolutionary new form of body work called Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC). (For more information, see my video here.) ABC consists of a testing system to find the vertebrae that have been pushed forward and a gentle method of moving them back to their proper position. This corrects your posture instantly – something regular chiropractic can never do – and aligns and balances your entire body. You will stand up wonderfully straight, without trying at all. Pain is immediately reduced, breathing is fuller, headaches are less, and you move more fluidly and effortlessly. Over time, ABC restores your spine and body to its optimal structure – healing the effects of the accident and even going far beyond that.

finding and healing undiagnosed concussions

Concussions from a car accident are a major, very common, unrecognized, undiagnosed health concern. Emergency rooms don’t check for them and neither do chiropractors. I do, and I have special training in finding and treating them.

Most people don’t realize that you do not have to hit your head to have a concussion. You’ve heard of “shaken baby syndrome,” where a baby’s delicate brain is damaged by shaking the child? Your adult brain can also be damaged by the traumatic and sudden shaking from a whiplash. This produces many symptoms after an accident that you may not understand are actually caused by a concussion:

• fatigue
• nausea
• confusion
• irritability
• sadness
• headaches
• dizziness
• difficulty concentrating or remembering words or numbers
• depression
• anxiety

Without specific treatment, some concussions will heal and some won’t. An untreated concussion can cause major and lasting health problems and behavioral changes. I treat concussions in three powerful ways.

1. Reducing brain tension with Advanced Biostructural Correction The meninges is the covering of the brain and spinal cord. Part of the ABC treatment is a very specific kind of stretch to the meninges, which reduces tension on the brain and spinal cord. This is often very effective in reducing the symptoms of a concussion.

2. Removing brain pressure with the Turner Cranial Technique If the head has been hit, the cranial bones shift and the shape of the head changes. This can cause localized pressure on the brain and reduce the nourishing and cleansing flow of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain, creating major and difficult symptoms. By adjusting the cranial bones, proper flow of cerebrospinal fluid is restored and symptoms can improve dramatically.

3. Restoring mental function with brain exercises If necessary, I prescribe you specific, enjoyable exercises to stimulate areas of the brain injured in the accident and speed your recovery.diagnosing and treating severe ligament damage

When you sprain your ankle, what you actually do is tear the ligaments that hold together the bones in your ankle. If the tear is severe enough, it may not heal properly and your ankle may never be “right” after that.

The bones in your spine are held together by ligaments also, and if you have a whiplash from a high-speed crash, these ligaments can be severely torn too. After a major tear, they may never mend. I have found two treatments that help heal ligament tears – topical patches infused with Chinese herbs to stimulate microcirculation, and the Cutting Edge therapeutic laser, a painless and very powerful way to heal injured ligaments, tendons, and discs.

protecting your claim with comprehensive exams and documentation

You didn’t get into an accident on purpose, and you certainly didn’t choose to be injured. It’s very important that you get the care that you need and that you paid for when you purchased your insurance policy.

That’s why I protect your rights with very complete documentation and full exams. It takes a little longer to fill out the forms and go through the examinations, but then we are sure that your claim will be processed with the least possible delays or difficulties.