don't let a car accident damage you for life

these injuries won't heal

There is a tremendous impact – and in milliseconds a car accident is over. In that brief flash of time, hundreds of powerful forces smash through your body in multiple directions, changing it and damaging it deeply. Your body can repair some of this damage – such as bruising or strained muscles – fairly easily, with rest and time. Other kinds of damage – broken bones, for example – are more difficult to heal. And then there are some kinds of injuries that your body is not capable of healing – ever.

bones pushed forward

The sudden impact of thousands of pounds of force crashing into your car, rippling through your body, and tossing you around the car ends up displacing your vertebrae – the bones in your spine. Many vertebrae get pushed forward – towards the front of your body. When these bones are pushed out of place your body cannot fix them at all – because there are no muscles directly behind the vertebrae that can pull them backwards again. There are muscles on each side of the vertebrae, but the only way to pull a vertebra straight back would be to have a muscle attached from the vertebra to the wall in back of you.

That’s one big reason why a car accident injury can be a lot more serious than you think at first. The immediate pain may go away within a few weeks – or you may have nagging, lingering pain. In either case, your spine has been changed – damaged forever. Bones have been pushed out of their place in a direction that the body cannot fix on its own. And if the damage to the spine is not fully and systematically reversed, it will never heal– and can affect you greatly as you get older. You are likely to suffer more and more with deteriorating posture – causing you to be increasingly hunched and stooped forward. This distortion of your body leads to advanced arthritis and degeneration in the stressed joints in your spine, and probably years of constant pain and discomfort.

reversing the damage to the spine

Traditional chiropractic focuses on restoring movement when a joint is restricted. But it has no system for evaluating and correcting vertebrae that have been pushed forward. The only truly effective method that I’ve found to correct these vertebrae – and really fix your body – is a revolutionary new form of physical medicine called Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC). ABC consists of a testing system to find the vertebrae that have been pushed forward and a gentle method of moving them back to their proper position. This corrects your posture instantly – something regular chiropractic can never do – and aligns and balances your entire body. You will stand much straighter, without trying at all. Pain is immediately reduced, breathing is fuller, and you move more fluidly and effortlessly. Over time, ABC restores your spine and body to its most optimal structure – healing the effects of the accident and even going far beyond that. After a full course of treatment with ABC, you will feel better than you did before the accident.

Ripped Ligaments

There’s another major car accident injury that your body can’t heal by itself – and that very few doctors will find and treat. When you sprain your ankle, what you actually do is tear the ligaments that hold together the bones in your ankle. If the tear is severe enough, it will not heal properly and your ankle may never be “right” after that. Most of us have experienced this.

The bones in your spine are held together by ligaments also, and if you have a whiplash from a high-speed crash, these ligaments can be severely torn too. After a major tear, they may never mend, and the bones can actually be slipping out of place. This can cause areas of your neck or upper back to be permanently sore and painful.

Finding these injuries isn’t easy. If necessary, I use digitally analyzed x-rays to measure the exact amount of ligament damage, and video x-rays to show how much the bones are slipping. Then to treat these injuries, I use a medical therapeutic laser – the Cutting Edge laser, used by orthopedic doctors and pain management MDs, as well as podiatrists and chiropractors. This powerful laser has no side effects, and is extremely safe. It activates and speeds up the cellular healing process – which leads to dramatic pain relief, and rapid regeneration and repair of damaged tissue. There are a number of research studies demonstrating that lasers can actually heal injured ligaments.

herniated discs

The powerful snapping back and forth of your neck in a whiplash accident can often herniate discs, especially in your neck and upper back. An accident can cause a new injury, or make an old disc problem much worse. The discs are the “cushions” between your vertebrae, and when they herniate, they bulge outwards. This bulge can be broad and minor, or more narrow and more severe. You will feel strong neck pain, centered in your spine, but often extending into one side of your neck, shoulder, and upper back. Sometimes the pain will radiate down into your arm, even causing numbness and tingling.

An MRI is the very best way to see these injuries – and the Cutting Edge laser is, again, a very effective treatment. Typically after the first treatment you feel about a 50% reduction in pain, and then the injury gradually heals with further treatments.

finding and treating undiagnosed concussions

Concussions from a car accident are a major, very common, unrecognized, undiagnosed health problem. Emergency rooms don’t usually check for them and neither do most chiropractors. I do, and I have special training in finding and treating them.

Most people don’t realize that you do not have to hit your head to have a concussion. You’ve heard of “shaken baby syndrome,” where a baby’s delicate brain is damaged by shaking the child? Your adult brain can also be damaged by the traumatic and sudden shaking from a whiplash, as the brain hits the skull with great force. This tears and twists the nerve cells or axons in the brain, producing many symptoms after an accident that you may not understand are actually caused by a concussion: headaches, extreme fatigue, confusion, forgetfulness and loss of memory, irritability, sadness, daydreaming or being spaced out, dizziness, difficulty concentrating, missing an exit on the freeway, not feeling yourself, difficulty reading, studying, or paying attention in class, depression, anxiety, nausea, balance problems, or problems with vision.

Not only is your brain damaged by shaking and twisting, but in fact most people also do hit their head on the headrest or elsewhere in the car. This sends a powerful shock wave through the fluid surrounding the brain, ricocheting off the inside of the skull and moving many cranial bones out of place. Bones out of place in the skull will put pressure on the brain and impede the full circulation of blood and cerebrospinal fluid to the brain. All of these damaging effects can cause lasting loss of function to the areas of the brain that are affected, and those symptoms that I listed above could be with you for the rest of your life. Concussions cause neurological injury, and may also lead to early Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease.

Without specific treatment, some concussions will heal by themselves – but most won’t. I treat concussions in four powerful ways.

  • Specific correction of the cranial bones that have been moved out of place. I have been personally trained by Dr. Roger Turner who, over the last 23 years, has developed a remarkably effective system for correcting cranial misalignments and restoring the function of the brain.

  • Reducing tension on the brain with Advanced Biostructural Correction. Part of the ABC treatment is a very specific and powerful kind of stretch which reduces tension on the brain and spinal cord.

  • Special supplements to help heal the brain. I have researched to find the most effective nutritional supplements that facilitate the healing of brain injuries.

  • Restoring mental function with brain exercises. If necessary, I prescribe you specific, enjoyable exercises to stimulate areas of the brain injured in the accident and speed your recovery.

protecting your claim

You didn’t get into an accident on purpose, and you certainly didn’t choose to be injured. It’s very important that you get the care that you need and that you paid for when you purchased your insurance policy.

That’s why I protect your rights with very thorough documentation and complete exams – including testing nerve function, reflexes, and muscle strength. In this way we make sure that your claim will be processed and paid with the least possible delays or difficulties.