weight-loss victories: losing 70 to 90 pounds with the ideal protein program

By Dr. Michael Fiske

What does it feel like to lose 70 or even 90 pounds on the Ideal Protein Program? Here are the inspiring stories of two people in our clinic who have recently done just that.

Laura: “It’s not a weight-loss program – it’s a way to transform your life.”

That’s what Laura says, who has lost 70 pounds in about 32 weeks. After going from 229 pounds before starting the program to 160 pounds now, she is getting ready to phase out of the weight-loss portion of the program and into the weight maintenance phase. She has used her entire weight-loss journey and experience as a springboard to transform many other areas of her life: mental, spiritual, and physical.

“After I had lost a significant amount of weight, it gave me a lot of strength,” she says. “I felt that if I could do this, I could do anything. I started to challenge myself to do things that I have never done before. I’m starting to exercise every day now. I’m going on a long bike hike with my husband this weekend and I’ll bet you that I’m going to outlast him! The inner strength I got from the Ideal Protein Program allowed me to stay focused on all the other changes I was making in my life. The more successful I became with Ideal Protein, the more all the other pieces started to fall into place. The program was really a catalyst that allowed me to change so many things in my life.”

“What really helped me to be so successful was the tremendous amount of support that I got from Dr. Fiske and from the Ideal Protein organization. Dr. Fiske and his coaches were standing behind me all the way. And anytime I had a question or concern that they needed more information on, they messaged the Medical Board of Ideal Protein and got an immediate response.”

“And I really enjoyed the short educational videos that I received in my email every day from Ideal Protein. They gave me essential information about what a healthy diet is, the best supplements to take, healthy recipes, and body chemistry. There are videos from Chef Verati about recipes and from Dr. Wilkerson about understanding your body. What I also loved is that at the bottom of the video page you can read all the comments and questions from other people and get questions answered yourself. Altogether, the Ideal Protein Program gave me an education in how to eat in a healthy way and how to keep the weight off. And all of this new knowledge led me to expand my mind further and read many books on health as well. It’s been an exciting journey, and even though I have reached my weight loss goal, my journey of transformation is still continuing!”

John: Almost 90 pounds lighter

John’s journey is different but very parallel to Laura’s. John has seen wonderful improvements in his health since the very start of the Ideal Protein Program. Before he started the program John was 290 pounds, and taking medications for high blood sugar, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. In other words, John had all the symptoms of Metabolic Syndrome, which is considered to be one of the greatest health epidemics of modern times. The medications that John was taking were controlling all of his conditions quite poorly. His A1C, which is closely related to blood sugar levels, was up to a very unhealthy level of 7.9 two years ago, before he started taking metformin. After taking the medication, it dropped down to 6.9, and his MD was happy with that, even though it was still above normal levels. Now after losing 82 pounds with the Ideal Protein Program (his goal is to lose 90 pounds total), his A1C is 5.8, well within normal levels.

John also stopped smoking entirely, soon after starting the Ideal Protein Program. “I just don’t have the stresses I used to, and I don’t feel the need to smoke.” John says.”Work stresses just don’t bother me as much.” (This is probably because the program puts your body into a state of burning its own fat, or ketosis, in which the liver produces ketones. Ketones are mood elevating, as well as being appetite suppressant and anti-inflammatory.)

John had also been taking blood pressure medication for 15 years, and his blood pressure is now down to 120/65, a very normal and healthy number. His M.D. has said that she will take him off the blood pressure meds when he loses another 8 pounds and reaches his final weight loss target of 200 pounds.

John had also been taking Lipitor for high cholesterol, and although this normalized his total cholesterol levels somewhat, it did not normalize his HDL and LDL levels, which are the so-called good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. Now his HDL and LDL are normal and good, and his total cholesterol is down to 120, which is actually almost on the low side, so John is going to discontinue taking Lipitor also.

This is quite a victory, wouldn’t you say? It is a remarkable achievement to conquer all of the four components of metabolic syndrome at once – overweight, high blood sugar or diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. As a result, John’s whole mental outlook has changed for the better. “Losing all of this weight has proven to me that I have the strength to make other changes in my life,” John says, echoing Laura’s feelings. “This feels so great! I’m not tired the way I was, I’m not taking a nap every day, I’m not dragged down. I wonder what else I can do to change my life? I’m looking forward now to going to the gym, to doing more healthy things. I’m much more committed to taking care of myself.”

The Ideal Protein Secret

How can the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program achieve such profoundly life-changing results? The answer is that we put your body into the state of ketosis, where it is burning its own body fat as fuel, and keep it there in a carefully regulated way. Ketosis has profound health benefits, some of which I have already mentioned – elevating your mood, reducing appetite and cravings, and freeing you from a lot of aches and pains.

But ketosis also helps your pancreas to reset itself so that your cells lose their resistance to insulin and you can finally lose weight easily. Many health experts believe that the reason why Americans are so overweight now is that we are eating far too many simple carbs and sugars. On the Ideal Protein Program, we greatly reduce your simple carbs, which forces your body to use protein or fat as fuel. Then we give you the ideal amount of protein so that you will not be forced to break down your own muscle mass to get adequate protein. When you get enough protein, your body will break down its own stored fat to get all the rest of the fuel it needs – and this causes you to lose weight at a steady, consistent rate. Women typically lose an average of 3 pounds or more per week on the program, and men will lose about 5 pounds per week.

You eat a combination of the very tasty Ideal Protein foods and your own fresh vegetables and meat, chicken, fish, or vegetarian protein. It’s easy, fun, and exciting to lose weight on the program. We support you and guide you to the very best of our ability, because we want you to experience the same kind of life changing transformation that Laura and John experienced.