my amazing weight loss journey: losing 117 pounds

By Tom S., as told to Dr. Michael Fiske D.C.

Yes, I lost 117 pounds (and still counting!) in only 6 1/2 months on the Ideal Protein Program at White Oak Chiropractic here in Vacaville. So, you’re probably wondering, “Was it hard? Did I feel hungry? What was the food like? Did it take a lot of discipline? How did I feel during the program? Do I think I can keep the weight off now?”

It Was Easy

Most of the time, it was actually remarkably easy. The Ideal Protein Program puts you into a very controlled carefully controlled state of ketosis, which means that your body is burning its own body fat at a very high rate. I lost an average of almost 5 pounds a week, but women, who have less muscle mass then men, will lose more like two or 3 pounds a week. My weight-loss did go up and down a bit, and I understand that’s normal. Usually I would hit a plateau about once a month, but then the next week I would lose quite a bit to make up for that.

For the main part of my weight loss, I wasn’t hungry at all, because one of the wonderful results of being in ketosis is that your appetite and cravings are greatly suppressed, so I didn’t miss any of the foods that I wasn’t having. Towards the end of the diet, I did start to miss nuts and fruits. I’m really looking forward to having them as I phase off the program now.

The food is good, and most of it is your own food. You do have three Ideal Protein foods per day, and there are about 70 different foods to choose from, with different kinds of tastes and textures. You have one for breakfast, maybe a shake or a bar. Then for lunch you have another Ideal Protein food, maybe chips, or soup. To that you add 2 cups of your own vegetables and a big salad, so it’s a satisfying meal. You have your third Ideal Protein food as a snack in the afternoon, then your dinner is all your own food. You have 5 to 8 ounces of meat, chicken, fish, or vegetarian protein. Then you have again 2 cups of vegetables and a big salad. As a single guy, I usually cooked the same pretty boring thing every day, typically stir-fry with chicken or turkey for dinner, but there is an Ideal Protein chef who has an excellent cookbook and a website, so there’s lots of ideas out there if you want to get creative.

All Normalized: Sleep Apnea, Triglycerides, Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure

I had a problem with sleep apnea for many years, and I didn’t even know it. But a year and a half ago they diagnosed me and gave me the CPAP machine. After three or four months on the Ideal Protein Program, I was able to stop using the machine altogether. At that point I had lost about 80 pounds and I guess it changed my throat enough so that I could breathe more freely and easily. Not only that, but my triglycerides went from extremely high to normal after I lost about 60 pounds. My high blood sugar has also become completely normal now and my doctor took me off of all of my metformin. My blood pressure also came way down. My doctor cut my blood pressure meds in half and will continue to monitor me to bring the medications down even more.

I have been seeing the same M.D. for about five years and he is very surprised by my results. When I told him at the beginning how much weight I wanted to lose, he actually discouraged me. He said, “That’s a great goal, but don’t set it too high.” I said, “Don’t worry about it, it’s already done.” He looked at me funny, like, “What do you mean?” But I knew that I was going to achieve my goal. I had no doubt about it. I had seen how the program was already working for me, and in my head, the result was accomplished.

Now I Feel Like a New Person

Before I lost weight I was feeling about 85 years old. I was achy and creaky, I had no stamina or endurance, I could barely even walk, and I didn’t feel good about myself at all. Now I have gone from 363 pounds to 247 pounds in 6 1/2 months. I feel so much better about myself. I look in the mirror and see a whole new person. Now that I am looking so much better and feeling so much better I want to take care of myself in a whole new way. I have been walking several times a week and really looking forward to getting into a regular exercise program as I come off of the weight-loss part of the Ideal Protein Program.

As to being able to keep the weight off now that I have lost it, the Ideal Protein Program has a lot of support at every step along the way. My weight loss coach Anni was really great — very thorough and caring. She has given me a lot of education in how to eat properly so I don’t gain the weight back. She also offers a program to follow up with me for the next year which I may decide to do, or I may decide to just keep going on my own. Dr. Fiske does a follow-up session when I am ready to get completely off of the diet part of the program and into eating all my own food again. He says that he has a lot of tips, tricks, and advice to make sure that the weight does not come back on again. As well as that, I can go back on the Ideal Protein Program for a week or so anytime I want to lose a few more pounds.

I am proud of myself and I am thrilled with the results. I would recommend the Ideal Protein Program to anybody who wants to lose weight in a fast, easy, very reliable way.

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