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Have you tried “traditional” chiropractic and gotten less than spectacular results? Well, so have I.  So I’ve searched and researched for years to find the most powerful new techniques available.  These breakthrough techniques can give you more immediate and longer lasting pain relief than traditional e-stim machines, ultrasound, heat, and massage.

But I haven’t stopped there.  I am the only Vacaville chiropractor — in fact, the only doctor in the area — certified in  Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC) – the most effective chiropractic technique I have ever found.  ABC offers lasting correction of your spine and posture!

breakthrough techniques

You can’t find these advanced techniques anywhere else in the area…

advanced biostructural correction — ABC

ABC is the best chiropractic technique I have ever found. It will correct posture immediately, in the first adjustment.

And over time, it will progressively and lastingly correct the shape and structure of your spine, balancing and aligning you so that pain and discomfort melts away. You will stand straighter, breath better, move better, feel better, and look better. It’s truly an amazing technique that you must experience to believe.   Read more and see an comprehensive video…

rapid release

rapid release with swoopA remarkable new instrument that uses High Speed Vibration Therapy to pulse deeply on a spasmed muscle, instantly relieving pain. It gives immediate and progressively longer lasting relief for chronic headaches and migraines, carpal tunnel, sciatica, frozen shoulder, and low back or neck spasms.

Read more…



announcing Vacaville’s most powerful therapeutic laser

We are very excited to offer treatments with the new Cutting Edge MLS Laser – the most powerful medical therapeutic laser now available in Vacaville. Used around the world by orthopedic surgeons, pain management M.D.s, podiatrists, and chiropractors, the Cutting Edge Laser is remarkably powerful and effective for a wide range of painful conditions.

Read more (and see more videos) about the exciting Cutting Edge MLS Laser here…


advanced training in the treatment of car accidents – for a faster, fuller recovery

An car accident injury can be a lot more serious than you realize. The immediate pain may go away within a few weeks. But if the damage to the spine is not fully reversed, it will remain – and affect you years later, causing spinal and postural distortion, chronic pain, and possibly advanced arthritis.

In my clinical experience, “regular” chiropractic will not systematically find and repair this damage. Traditional chiropractic focuses on restoring movement when a joint is restricted. But the real problem caused by a auto accident is that the whiplash has pushed vertebrae forward – towards the front of your body.

Regular chiropractic can’t evaluate and correct these injuries, and your body can’t fix them by itself – because there are no muscles directly behind the vertebrae that can pull them back once they have been pushed forward.  Read more to see how I truly correct car accident injuries…

conditions I’ve had wonderful success treating:




Top 10 chiropractors in Vacaville 2015A Vacaville, CA Chiropractor winner of the Patients’ Choice Awards.

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