white oak chiropractic

418 Davis St.

Suite B

Vacaville CA 95688

phone 707-446-1714

fax 707-446-6229


Parking Directions — the parking is behind the building!

There is NO parking on Davis St.  Our parking lot, and entrance to the clinic, is behind the building.

To enter the parking lot, turn on Stevenson St.  (you can only turn in one direction — you will see a tattoo parlor at  the corner of Davis and Stevenson).  Now slow down and watch for the small alley on the right (it can be hard to see if there is a truck parked there).  Turn right into the alley, turn right again into the parking lot, and you’re there!  The entrance to the clinic is from the parking lot.  Be sure to ask for Dr. Fiske, because there is another chiropractor in the building also.



Monday   9-12, 3-6

Tuesday  10-2

Wednesday  9-12, 3-6

Thursday   9-12, 3-6

Friday by appointment

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