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I have tremendous success treating chronic headaches.

I use a two-level approach. First, Thomas Griner, inventor of the Biopulser, discovered where headaches come from. No medical doctor knows this, but every headache sufferer does.

Headaches start in the muscles at the base of the skull (back of the neck) – the suboccipital muscles. Griner’s theory is that the suboccipital muscles irritate the suboccipital nerve, which goes to a sinus in the center of the skull called the sphenoid sinus. The nerve irritates the sinus, the sinus irritates the other sinuses, and that’s how the headache spreads through your head.

But the question is – how did the suboccipital muscles get painful and spasmed in the first place?

To see the answer, imagine you are balancing a bowling ball by holding your arm straight up over your head. You can hold it for a long time if you keep it balanced.

But if you move your hand forward, ahead of your body a little bit so your arm is now at an angle, your whole arm will start to shake and you will have to drop the bowling ball very soon.

Well, the bowling ball is like your head! If it is balanced on your spine, the muscles in your neck and shoulders are relaxed and pain free. If your head moves forward of your spine, all your neck and shoulder muscles must tense and strain to hold it up – and this frequently causes headaches.

So, my first step is to use the Biopulser to relax the suboccipital muscles – which are causing the headache. This gives immediate relief.

The second step is to correct the forward head posture that is causing the tight, painful suboccipital muscles. And Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC) is the best technique I have ever found for correcting the posture of your entire body and bringing back the proper shape and structure of your spine.

With regular treatments, ABC will bring about lasting changes in your body… and many people have experienced that headaches will simply go away – and not come back!

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