5 reasons why
the ideal protein program
is the very best way to lose weight

By Dr. Michael Fiske D.C.

I searched for many months to find a weight-loss program that I was excited about offering in my clinic, but I couldn’t find any that met all of my criteria. When another doctor told me about the Ideal Protein Program, I researched it thoroughly. Here are the five reasons why I decided to become an Ideal Protein clinic… and why I believe the Ideal Protein Program is the easiest, safest, and most effective weight-loss program you can find.

1. Predictable, consistent, and measurable weight loss for everyone

What makes the Ideal Protein Program different from other weight-loss programs is that we put your body into a precisely and carefully regulated state of ketosis, in which you are burning your own body fat. Other systems may try to do this, or do it partially, but none as consistently and fully as the Ideal Protein Program. Keeping your body in ketosis is the reason for Ideal Protein’s very consistent results. Women will see an average of 2 to 3 pounds lost every week, and men will lose five or more pounds every week.

2. Easy and enjoyable

When your body is in ketosis, you feel great! Your liver will produce ketones, and your brain loves ketones. They produce almost a kind of high, in which you have an elevated, happy mood and greatly increased energy. Our dieters report not being tired at the end of the day and being able to get a lot more done. Not only that, but ketones are appetite suppressing. When you are in ketosis, you will not be hungry or have cravings. And, ketones are anti-inflammatory as well – reducing aches and pains all over your body, usually by the first week on the program.

3. Transforms your health

I was very excited to find that the Ideal Protein Program is not just a weight-loss program, but is a complete health makeover. One of the biggest health epidemics in this country is Metabolic Syndrome, which is characterized by any two of these four conditions: being overweight, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and high blood sugar or diabetes. The Ideal Protein Program can reverse all of these conditions, and others such as inflammatory conditions, gout, and polycystic ovarian syndrome. We’ve seen dieters reduce and eliminate all of their medications for these conditions, and that is an exciting thing to see.

After completing the program, you will quite literally be a different person – you will look much better, you will feel much better, and you will even think differently. Food cravings will be gone, because studies have shown that your brain actually changes as you lose a significant amount of weight. And, all of our dieters who have reached their target weight have become much more interested in maintaining their optimal health. They are exercising regularly, have of course completely changed the way that they eat, and are looking into many other ways to be happier and healthier.

4. Our food plus your food

I didn’t want a weight-loss program where we would just give you liquid shakes or a box of powder and say, ” Here, go lose some weight.” That’s a really boring and difficult way to lose weight, and our dieters who have been on those kind of programs have told us that they all gained weight significantly as soon as they started to eat solid, regular food.

On the other hand, it’s really necessary to have some packaged food so that your diet can be precisely controlled and regulated to keep you in ketosis. Ideal protein offers 60 or 70 different kinds of packaged food, and they have put a lot of effort into making sure that there are many different kinds of tastes and textures. There are omelets, soups, chili, pasta, entrees, chips, shakes, bars, and even brownies. The ingredients are very clean – there is no GMO and no preservatives. We like to snack on the foods ourselves.

You have one Ideal Protein food for breakfast, then for lunch you have an Ideal Protein food together with 2 cups of vegetables and a salad. (We recommend fresh, locally-grown, organic vegetables.) For your afternoon snack you have another Ideal Protein food, and for dinner you have all your own food – 5 to 8 ounces of chicken, fish, meat, or vegetarian protein, 2 cups of vegetables, and another salad. It’s a varied, tasty, nutritious, and satisfying program.

5. Absolutely unequaled support

It was crucial for me that I find a weight-loss program that had superb support built-in to it. It is very difficult to try to lose weight safely on your own with no support. I do not know of any other program that has better support than the Ideal Protein Program.

Your first level of support is our head coach, my wife Anni. She is extremely devoted, committed, and knowledgeable. She will support you every step of the way, is familiar with all of the problems or bumps in the road that may arise, and knows exactly the best way to deal with them.

Next, you will receive in your email every day a two or three minute video with a weight-loss tip, trick, recipe, or an explanation of the physiological changes that take place during the Ideal Protein Program. All our dieters tell us that the videos really help them stay on target.

There is also a website and a cookbook by the Ideal Protein chef, both of which feature easy, simple, quick, delicious recipes for lunch and dinner.

Once a week, Anni will meet with you to take your measurements, weigh you, and test you with a body composition analysis machine. Your body fat percentage, lean mass percentage, and hydration level will all be measured and graphed, and you can access all of this information online so you can track your progress.

If ever any problems or questions arise that Anni can’t answer, we are in daily email contact with the Medical Board of Ideal Protein, and they get back to us with detailed and specific responses, usually within one hour. They are a tremendous resource.

Is the Ideal Protein Program for everyone?

It is for everyone who is ready to make a commitment to make changes and stick to them. The program is very easy to follow if you follow the protocol exactly. But it is not like a regular diet, where you can have a little bit of cookie or fudge and it won’t throw your diet off. With the Ideal Protein Program, if you have even a bite of something that is not on the protocol, it will throw you out of the very carefully regulated state of ketosis that you are in, and at that point the program will stop being easy. When you will come out of ketosis, you will be hungry, cranky, tired, and craving carbs. The solution is simple: make the commitment to yourself to stay on the program. Then it will be easy, fun, enjoyable — and you will feel more energy, less pain and inflammation, and the ever-growing pride and satisfaction of seeing a whole new You emerge and blossom. It’s an exciting, fulfilling, and beautiful journey!

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